Class basses have been designed with elegance and simplicity in mind borrowing styling cue's from well loved 60's. icons with modern and ergonomic distinctions. 

Currently available in two scale lengths with the differences mostly tonal, and that the bridges used are different. 

24" for a deep thump and fundamental focused tone using solely flatwound strings these basses are excellent studio machines and are wonderful to transport and play as they ring in at a total length of just 3 feet, shorter than most standard guitars. 

30" for added tonal flexibility in a wider harmonic range. this bass adds 3 inches to the overall length while giving you a scale length 6 inches longer. This one will allow for greater flexibility in string choice as the longer scale means it can work with just about anything thrown at it, it also means having the bass fretless is an option.  


Pictured above are two 24" scale models 

This is a 30" scale model

Guitar and bass Repairs. 

Here at Class in addition to the wonderful customs I offer I also do repairs. 

Setups $30-$120 This includes adjustment of all the instruments adjustment points to optimize it's playability. Setups can also include cleaning and polishing where needed, basic fixes, and a check of all fasteners. 

Fret level and dress $120 This includes a cleaning of the board light fretboard re-surface when necessary level dress and polish of all the frets. 

Re-frets $240-$680 New frets size of your choice or matched to what the instrument came with any binding and finish repair, board resurface and a setup included.  

Electronics $30 per half hour with additional costs per parts installed 


Nuts $60-$120 pre-cut plastic to hand carved exotics.  


Mods, Assembly, and Instalation $30 per half hour.