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Class is a one woman run custom musical instrument company.











On this page you'll find different sub categories of custom products I can build for you, their starting price points, and as well info on my repair services and their associated costs  



About Class

Class customs was formed by myself Samantha Cay Royall in 2010 as a small guitar repair outfit working at the time in my humble downtown studio apartment. In 2003 I attended the Midwest Guitar School in Webster Groves, MO and after bouncing around from dead end jobs I wanted to take my passion to the next level and share it with others. 

As a luthier I've been hooked all my life, from a teenager in my mother's garage re-finishing my first bass to today, I've been dedicated to my craft. Whether building basses or one of my custom amplifiers I pour my soul and lifetime of work into every aspect of what I do. I pride myself that every piece I build is unique. Take a look into what I have done for examples. I won't build you a bass I've already built but If you dig what I do and you want something that is for you and only you I'm confident I can build you the best amp, pedal, or bass you've ever encountered. 

Anyone can purchase one of the instruments I post pre-made for sale now and then. If I am to build you a custom instrument though you're going to become my friend first. It is my business model, however not the most profitable, believing in building out of love first and for most. In other words I have to love you just as much as what I create for you. 


I can be reached via email, or social media although I prefer email as my primary means of communication and will get back to you the quickest there, typically within a 24 hour period.